Chasing Polaris

BooksInNeed, and I totally didn’t see the uniqueness of this book until I started it. Chasing Polaris by Erica Cope and Autumn Doughton I actually didn’t see how good this book was until I started it. Even though it got a lot of 5 star ratings, it just wasn’t the exact type of book that … More Chasing Polaris

Once and for All

BooksInNeed, and this is one of the saddest romance books I’ve ever finished. Once and for All by Sarah Dessen I feel like this whole month should be named ‘saddest romance’ for me, because of all the sad romances that I’m reading. Like, I just finished the Girl Online series and The Fault in Our Stars and … More Once and for All


BooksInNeed, and this book was one of the best sci-fi/murder books I’ve ever finished. Nemesis by Brendan Reichs I realize that I’m always writing books that are my favorites, and that’s because the percentage of books I read are mostly romance or fiction. I think the term ‘addicted’ is a slight understatement in this case. Min Wilder always knew her … More Nemisis