Blood on the Beach

BooksInNeed, and this is a murder book to kill for (get it?). Blood on the Beach by Sarah N. Harvey and Robin Stevenson Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I first picked up this book. A few people were reading it, so I thought, why not? As it turns out, Blood on the … More Blood on the Beach

Chasing Polaris

BooksInNeed, and I totally didn’t see the uniqueness of this book until I started it. Chasing Polaris by Erica Cope and Autumn Doughton I actually didn’t see how good this book was until I started it. Even though it got a lot of 5 star ratings, it just wasn’t the exact type of book that … More Chasing Polaris

War Over Dust

BooksInNeed, and this is one of the best alien books I’ve ever finished. War Over Dust by Stuart Aken I realize that I’ve said the same thing in my Daughter of the Pirate King review, but this is one of the only alien books I’ve finished, and one of the best. War Over Dust is … More War Over Dust

Once and for All

BooksInNeed, and this is one of the saddest romance books I’ve ever finished. Once and for All by Sarah Dessen I feel like this whole month should be named ‘saddest romance’ for me, because of all the sad romances that I’m reading. Like, I just finished the Girl Online series and The Fault in Our Stars and … More Once and for All