Favorite Character December + Me post! + Shout-outs

BooksInNeed, and HELLO BOOKISH WORD!!! I’ve honestly missed all of you  amazing people when I wasn’t blogging. I’ve been super preoccupied, so I decided to do a double triple post to make up for all of the posts I should’ve done. Sorry! This month’s favorite character is from the book The Fault In Our Stars, … More Favorite Character December + Me post! + Shout-outs


Hi guys, its BooksInNeed! I’ve been thinking about what to post, so whenever I come near my computer I would just say “…Nah” and walk away. Then my friend gave me a suggestion of a post, and here I am! She said “Talk about how good of a friend I am”. (Quite literally) SO, then … More Friends

The Book Feels Tag

BooksInNeed, and I was nominated for this fun tag by the amazing Taylor at Tay’s Infinite Thoughts, who also happens to be the creator of this tag, and is one of the best book bloggers that I follow, and you should check out her blog! A Book that made you smile or laugh When Dimple … More The Book Feels Tag