Music I listen to and LOVE

BooksInNeed, and hi to all of you!!! I’ve missed on blogging and all of you! Though the last time I blogged was 5 days ago, that’s (does quick math)

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120 hours!!! I know, I’m smart, thanks.  ANYWAYS, I’ve been super busy for the past few days, and then it became the weekend before Thanksgiving.


I honestly think summer was a week ago still. HOW DOES TIME FLY SO FAST? IS A PART OF ME STILL IN THE PAST?!? I still can’t believe Halloween passed also. And I didn’t do a Halloween post. UGH WHY BAD MEMORY, WHY?!? Back on the subject, I decided to do a music post because I LOVE MUSIC. I honestly can’t say enough about this. I love music SO MUCH. MUSIC IS MY LIFE PEOPLE!!! SO I decided to blog about my favorite artists and songs, and if you all listen to the same music. On with the post!

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 1. Chainsmokers

I LOVE The Chainsmokers!!! I am so fangirling right now I have no idea what to say!!!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE  LOVE LOVE THE CHAINSMOKERS!!!! They are my favorite artists and their music, oh my god I listen to so much of it. Whenever I’m feeling sad or sick, I just play my favorite album from them (Memories… Do Not Open) or my favorite song and I’ll be feeling better in no time. I feel like I’m ranting now so I’m stopping now.

2. Halsey

Halsey is one of my other favorite artists because she can sing SO WELL. I can’t sing, so seeing her sing is  magical. Seriously, you need to listen to her. My favorite song from Halsey is a tie between Bad At Love and Now or Never, but I like Bad AT Love better. I am totally singing in the shower when I hear this song the same day!!!

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3. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is like a hero to me! Sorry Not Sorry is right now one of my favorite songs, and I’m in love with it. (I’m listening to the song while typing this, guilty as charged.

“Baby Im Sorry (I’m not sorry),

Baby I’m sorry (I’m not sorry),

Being so bad got me feelin’ so good,

Showing you up like I know that I would”

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4. Shawn Mendes

I’m not in love with Shawn Mendes, but his music is AMAZING. I listened to Stitches so many times I could sing the whole song (though I don’t want anybody’s ears to get damaged, so I’m not saying anything). Treat You Better is my favorite song by him, and like The Chainsmokers, I listen to this song when I’m sad or sick also.

5. Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is one of my favorite singers because she has so many good songs! Like Crying In the Club, OMG, Havana. HAVANA IS SUCH A GOOD SONG!!!!!! I’ve honestly listened to this song SO many times, I’ve lost count. EVERYBODY READING THIS NEEDS TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG!!!

Well, that’s the post! Comment if you listen to the same music, or what your favorite artists and songs are!

Until next time bookish world!



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