With a book ban….

BooksInNeed here, and hi to everyone out there reading this!

I really need to find a new into for this.

Anyways, I am doing a post on what I do when I’m not reading with a book ban for those people who have a book ban, or those who are reading this and saying ” Help BooksInNeed!”

1. Listening to music

Image result for Listening to music gif

I am ADDICTED to listening to music. Not that much singing or dancing, but I will listen to music ALL DAY. If I could. I’m going to try to do a What Music I Listen To post, but right now, on with the list!

2. Texting and calling friends

Texting and calling people takes the edge off of a book ban because I can finally have fun with them and everyone is amazing making me feel better! A shout out to PatBunny for being my soul sister!

3. Book Apps

Image result for webtoon

I’ve honestly missed books so much, I downloaded an app that are comic books, but they still hold potential! It’s not going against my book ban, which is no going to the library, but I still can read something! I saw an add on this app and I literally thought that it was a sign that said “BooksInNeed, GET THIS APP RIGHT NOW!”, so I just listened to what it said. The app is called WebToon if you wanted to know, and it isn’t half bad.

4. Laying down and doing nothing

Image result for doing nothing gif

I have no idea how many times I’ve done this, but I just lay down on my bed (sometimes I listen to music doing this) and stare at the wall, just thinking. Sometimes it’s a story, sometimes I think about what happened until that point if time, but I just lay down and do nothing.

5. Blogging!!!

Blogging is my best remedy to missing out on books!!! It’s where I put all my bookish thoughts and you all actually understand what I’m saying! (It’s better than when I used to talk to my wall, don’t ask). I honestly love reading all of your reviews and commenting on all of them! GROUP HUG!!!

Image result for group hug gif

That’s all! You all are amazing, and I have no idea what I would be doing right now without you! Probably sitting in corner, doing nothing, but still. THANK YOU!


12 thoughts on “With a book ban….

    1. Haha, if there were I would need hiding under a rock! No, my friend took away my library card because she thought that I was spending more time reading than doing my work, so now I’m on a book ban! Don’t get me wrong, she’s amazing, bit why did the books have to be taken away?!?

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