Hi guys, I’m back from my week of silence on the book world! Honestly, I thought that this was a good thing … until I had to start #helpbooksinneed

You know how you can’t survive if you don’t have common resources, like water, air , or food. There are more, but I want to tell my story that hopefully some of you are reading. For those people who don’t know, reading is my LIFE. No, more than my life, IT’S TOTALLY MY HEART AND SOUL. Reading is something that if got taken away from me, I’ll be in a state like  depression and will get that whole ‘I don’t care’ attitude whenever I’m cranky and don’t get enough sleep, but multiplied by 100. So, yesterday I got my library card confiscated by my friend. 


I mean, they want me to finish all the stuff I have to, but really?!? What does that have to do with me and my reading?!? So I’m just about dying over here (not literally), while all those other AMAZING book bloggers are all finishing some books that are still on my TBR, while I’m sitting here, staring out the window. 

That’s why I’m starting the #helpbookinneed, which is when all the amazing book bloggers and book worms (LIKE I STILL AM) out there reading this is going to say “I need to help BooksInNeed!” (That’s another joke), but I need help and the #helpbooksinneed is when you guys post something on your blogs and then give tips on how to survive this book apocalypse and link it back to me. Then put your posting the comments so I could try and survive this horrible fate.

So literally I’m just about begging you amazing people to:

  1. Do a post named #helpbooksinneed
  2. Write about how I could survive this apocalypse
  3. In the post, link back to this post and ask others to do the same thing you are, and make sure you add for them to comment below and read this post!
  4. When you finish your post, put your link in the comments so I won’t forget to read it!
  5. And I’m going to give huge shout-outs to the people who help me, BooksInNeed, try and survive this!

I’m not forcing you to do this, In just super lost and need to find out what you guys would do in this situation, and how you can help me survive it! 

And I forgot to mention, for all the people who help me, I’m going to put your blog and name on the front of my blog, and after it all seems over, I’m going to make another post on how Im going to survive this and huge shout-outs to everyone who helped!

This is BooksInNeed, hoping someone hears me in this apocalypse…

22 thoughts on “#helpbooksinneed

  1. Fanfic is definitely the way to go! I’d go crazy during times that I couldn’t buy books if it wasn’t for Wattpad or AO3.

    Might I also suggest some pretty good book to movie adaptations? Vampire Academy was really well done. Same with The Fault In Our Stars (if you feel like needing an extra push to sob uncontrollably)

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    1. Great idea! I totally need to try those, especially the movies. Is it weird that I haven’t watched the whole Hunger Games series yet? Fanfic is going to be new, and I’ve never tried Wattpad or AO3 before.The Fault In Our Stars made me cry when I read the book, but I’m going to give the movie a try! (Grabs box of tissues)

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  2. You can write games for characters from your favourite books! It sounds weird when i put it that way, but like scenarios of Truth or Dare, Capture the Flag, etc. for characters you love and what would be their answers to certain questions, or the questions they would ask other characters. I do it every once in a while, and I find it so funny to imagine what some of them would say to certain stuff. Hope this helps, go beat that apocalypse!!

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  3. Fan fic… I’ve never gotten into it, but I’ve never tried either. I bet there’s someone who’s written something about one of your fav books and posted it on the interwebs. Unless your friend also confiscated Google, it might help!

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  4. Any “friend” who would confiscate a library card is not a friend by any stretch of imagination, I would certainly be the type to confront such a person on those grounds. Just my two Republic credits for whatever they’re worth. And then go to your library and simply get a replacement card. No drama, no mess. And if all else fails, Project Gutenberg is a great online resource for the classics.

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      1. Fair enough. If you can freely acknowledge it’s “for your own good,” then I’m glad it’s not as dramatic as all that, and I’m backing away slowly. lol

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