Favorite Character October 2017

I CANT BELIEVE WHAT DAY IT IS. October is here! And it seems just yesterday I did my Favorite Character September 2017 , and I can’t believe that I’m doing this one. Because OMG YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FOLLOWERS EVER! And now, October’s here and this month’s character is…


Leo Valdez from  Heroes of Olympus


I think that Leo is one of the best characters ever, and I didn’t like the second series as much as the first, so Leo was when all of the good parts happen. BECAUSE OMG HE WAS AMAZING AND I CAN’T STOP SHOUTING ON ABOUT HOW AMAZING HE IS! To me, Jason is stuck up, self centered, and is way too serious all the time. All he does is play the leader, and say that he can’t do it well. And Percy sort-of loses the point of being in the second series because he already was the main character in the first series, but still is an amazing character. I feel like Leo is the best though because he is the one that is funny, and is actually smart out of everybody. I know he makes a reappearance in The Dark Prophecy, or the second book in The Trials of Olympus, but I haven’t gotten by reading it because SOMEBODY is reading it like a snail, while I’m literally screaming over here.

So, I’m trying to make things worth reading on my blog, so at the end of every Favorite Character post, I’m going to give a shout-out to the people who comment on this blog post.

Next month’s Favorite Character is from the book Divergent! Comment on who is your favorite character, and I’ll give you a shout-out in the next Favorite Character post!



10 thoughts on “Favorite Character October 2017

  1. I love Leo Valdez too! He is like that one guy who makes everything funny when it isn’t! I haven’t read the Divergent series, so sorry, no vote.

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    1. Thanks! And what I meant was that one character from the book I’m doing next, like in my next post I’m doing Divergent. The idea of making a blog post about it crossed my mind, but I have no idea if I should do it.

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      1. I see. I came it late and misunderstood. Makes sense now. As far as it goes, just do what feels right. You said you’ve got a month to figure it out. Let it marinate.

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    1. Ohhhhhh, good idea! I hope you like the series, and your favorite character would no doubt be amazing! And I totally am waiting for you to finish so I can put your name, and character, in my monthly post!

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