Chasing Polaris

Chasing Polaris

BooksInNeed, and I totally didn’t see the uniqueness of this book until I started it.

Chasing Polaris by Erica Cope and Autumn Doughton

I actually didn’t see how good this book was until I started it. Even though it got a lot of 5 star ratings, it just wasn’t the exact type of book that I would read. Until I started it. Imogen Shaw (one of the most unique names I’ve ever seen)  can’t seem to get away from her life fast enough. When her dad divorces her mom, she was ready to go and start collage in Boston and leave all of the pain away. Love is just a delusion for suckers, and Imogen vows to put all the hurt behind her. So when she signs up for a scavenger hunt to see the band Polaris, the last person she would expect to be paired up with was Seth Cavanaugh.

Seth’s life was  way more than complicated with a mother who was alcoholic and a sister in prison. Now living with his roommate Sebastian, he finds escape in his music and always finds a way to fix things. Playing for the band Polaris, the last thing he expects is to volunteer to be Imogen’s partner in the scavenger hunt.

Two hearts: one a ballerina by heart, another a musician with a past. It sounded simple enough: a night, a scavenger hunt, a partnership, and two fighting hearts each searching for the same thing. Both of them can’t deny the attraction between them, but with Imogen going to Boston soon, will she have a chance with Seth?

“And to find your story you don’t need to know where your from. Just where you belong.”

-Chasing Polaris, Erica Cope and Autumn Doughton

Thank you, Erica Cope and Autumn Doughton for this book that showed me that even if you have a horrible past, you can have a future.

And sorry for not doing a book review in a while! I’ve been SO preoccupied with everything else happening that I don’t get enough time to do one, but at least I could do this. (and this is my 50th post!!!)


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