War Over Dust

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BooksInNeed, and this is one of the best alien books I’ve ever finished.

War Over Dust by Stuart Aken

I realize that I’ve said the same thing in my Daughter of the Pirate King review, but this is one of the only alien books I’ve finished, and one of the best. War Over Dust is the sequel to Blood Red Dust, and is a science fiction that shows a possible future, and how it might seem like. On Mars, there are two communities, the Marion and Marzero. The residents of Marzero are more on the uneducated side of Mars. With speech problems, and their aggressive nature. Having adopted a horrible way to treat woman, they use the word ‘twat’ for woman in swearing. Though on the other side of Mars, the Marion are well educated people, who live a peaceful community where language is valued and are more futuristic. While the two communities live is an unsteady truce, the Chosen have created CenCom, also referred to as GrandMa, which holds all the records of the generation ,all the thoughts, ideas, and words are recorded and made into CenCom’s memory. Only the people of Marion have access to a few parts of their memory. With both accessing each other, there is no conflicts, just a powerful association. Back to past tense Mars. The Chosen have helped both the communities, with Marion at a population of 351,732, who are also served by droids with a population of 217,609. On the other side of Mars, the Marzero have a population of 2,603,869 with servants and dependents included. The ending of Acacia’s account included that The Chosen had recovered quickly from mindless terrorists, only losing two of their number and healing the rest. When Envy, an imbalance of males to females at the miners’ base, made a resistance, and their larger number and better equipment did nothing to help Marion defeat the maniacs, so when the lack of action caused resentment among the remaining population of the larger population, you can only guess what was next. The war was inevitable. The Chosen fought hard, but when outnumbered and out-gunned, it was brutal. With both sides equally matched, neither won, but Marion prevented the Marzero’s attempt to overrun them. With no acknowledgement of what happened, both sides tended to their wounds and carried on with their lives. Now with a uneasy truce, both sides live in peace, and have nothing threatening them. Now to present day Mars.

Still living in peace, Marion and Marzero are both still in their ways, with Marion striving to be more advanced, and Marzero operating on the Elite, who’s only concerns were were gratification and profit. When Daisa, a brilliant individual from Marion, goes to Marzero to study a new series of events that all include the new Prophet of the People, Gabriel, who believes that he is the voice of God, but was tricked by his so-called best friend, Stefan, when Zaphod crashes into him, trying to boost his fame and money. Only that when Daisa meets Gabriel they can’t ignore the chemistry between them. With a love story in between them, will Daisa figure what is going on first? Or will there be a war over both sides again?

Thank you, Stuart Aken, for this book being both one of the best alien books I’ve ever finished, and giving me a new taste in sci-fi.

And sorry for not posting for a few days, but I’ve been reading this book, and feeling a little under the weather, so never got near the computer unless it was liking some blog posts, and I now feel like I’ve missed out on a few days of my life. I hope that you liked this review, and be sure to check out this book!


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