Once and for All

Once and for All

BooksInNeed, and this is one of the saddest romance books I’ve ever finished.

Once and for All by Sarah Dessen

I feel like this whole month should be named ‘saddest romance’ for me, because of all the sad romances that I’m reading. Like, I just finished the Girl Online series and The Fault in Our Stars and they were both one of the saddest romantic endings. Including this one now. Louna knows a lot about weddings. How could she not? Her mother works as a wedding planner, and she works under employment. Only that she didn’t believe in ‘happily ever after’ when her first love died in a shooting. So when she meets Ambrose, a bride’s cousin, Louna is more than surprised when her mother hires him for the summer. What she’s not surprised of is that the bride had paid for them to get Ambrose out of her hair. When he is, Ambrose and Louna grow closer, and both get to know each other better, but Louna knows better than to fall again and get her heart broken again. Or did she?

What really mattered, though, were the people in those moments with you. Memories are what we have and what we keep, and I held mine close. For now I was choosing to believe that we had time, plenty of it.

-Sarah Dessen, Once and for All

I LOVED this book. I’ve heard mixed reviews on it, some of them being “He feels like a bad version of Morris from Saint Anything.” and, “this book was seriously lacking in character development.”. I, personally, think that this book is the best from Sarah Dessen (Along for the Ride is my second favorite), but the characters are a little hard to understand. Other than that, this is an absolute need to read!


16 thoughts on “Once and for All

    1. Thanks! I’m partial with sad books, because I would stay away from them, but I think that it shows that tragedy is part of our life, but we could always have a chance to live and be happy. That’s just my (super weird) philosopher brain though. 😊


      1. Really? I hear that I sound like a know it all sometimes. 😁 I see the best in everything because I’m usually feeling really tired and notice everything in full focus. Thanks, have a nice day too!


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