This is What Happy Looks Like

This is What Happy Looks Like.jpg

BooksInNeed, and this book had me questioning what happy actually looks like.

This is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith

This book is AMAZING! At first, I thought that the whole book was going to be them emailing each other, but then I actually started the book, and it turned out to be one that had me rethinking the meaning of happy. When movie star Graham (like a graham cracker?) Larkin accidently mistypes a email an about his pig Wilbur, the last thing he expects is that they would actually respond. When Ellie O’Neill gets an email about a pig, and realizes that it was a mashup with another person, and strikes up a email friendship with the ever mysterious ‘G’, the last thing she expects is that they grow close, and she knows more about the famous movie star than most. Only when Graham gets a huge movie deal that is in Henley, Maine, or also known as the place  ‘E’ lives. So when he goes out on a date with Ellie’s BFF instead of her is the last thing she expects. So when Ellie and Graham actually meet, its nothing like either of them expect, but the relationship is still there. With reporters following Graham’s every move, will they get the fairy tale ending that they deserve? Or is happy something else…

There are different types of happy. Some kinds don’t need any proof.

-Jennifer E. Smith, This is What Happy Looks Like

Thank you, Jennifer E. Smith, for this exciting novel that had me at happy.

I want to refrain from typing this, but don’t you think that it’s hilarious that one of the main character’s name is ‘Graham’? Its taking all my self restraint to not type something cheesy, like, ‘When he punched the reporter, he snapped, like a graham cracker.'(Meets silence). That wasn’t funny, I know.




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