Percy Jackson

The Lightning Theif

BooksInNeed, and this is one of the best fictional books I’ve ever finished.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

This book is one of the absolute best that I’ve ever finished. Its my whole ‘before Harry Potter’ series. Yes, I finished Harry Potter a long time ago, but a person reminded me of this series. That person is my brother’s BFF, as I mentioned in my blog post Three Hearts of Hope ,and he said that his favorite series was Percy Jackson, and my brother just mentioned him, so its natural to always think books involved to every question. The Lightning Thief is about how a boy named Percy Jackson always knew that his connection with the sea was special, but he never knew how important. Percy had no memory of his father, except that he loved his mother, and wasn’t there when he was born. Now living with his stepfather, Smelly Gabe, Percy finds solitude in the sea. It calls to him, and he is pulled to it. When a incident forces him to be out and in the open, Percy finds himself given a magical pen

Image result for percy jackson this is a pen gif

,but is not just any pen (though it is a good one) its a gift of the gods. Before I get to the pen, there is important background story. Percy learns that the Greek gods are real, Hades Poseidon, and Zeus being the big three, or the three most powerful gods. When Percy learns that he is born to one of the big three, Poseidon, a huge prophecy unfolds, with him at the center of it. SO, back to the story, when Percy is thrown into the limelight, he gets forced to a camp that is for people who are called demigods, of children of mortals and gods, who have special abilities. Only that his mom can’t enter because she is mortal, and she gets taken by a minotaur, and is presumed dead. Grover is now more important than ever, and he reveals himself as a satyr (donkey) who is also Percy’s guardian. When Percy gets chosen to fulfill a prophecy, and gets persuaded (bullied) into taking Annabeth and Grover with him, he can’t argue. With his (not so subtle) crush on Annabeth, and danger every turn, will he survive and fulfill the prophecy? Or is there a traitor in their amidst them…

The best people have the rottenest luck.

Thank you, Rick Riordan, for this amazing book that had me on every page.

And an extended thanks to Soham, my brother’s BFF, for not being exactly like my brother, and actually appreciating the books.


10 thoughts on “Percy Jackson

  1. This was the first series I ever read in its entirety. I absolutely loved it. Every time I tried to put it down I would become obsessed with what was going to happen next. So it did not take me long to finish it. I enjoyed the movies as well. I wish they had made all the books into movies.

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  2. “satyr (donkey)” 🙂 I thought he was a goat…

    This is one of my favorite book series, have you read “The series of Unfortunate Events”?

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    1. I think… My memory is not the best, but I think that I have, isn’t it by Lemony Snicket? I also thought the movie called him a donkey, but I’m not sure, because the movie isn’t my favorite.😊


  3. This is my all time FAVOURITE Book series, Rick Rioran completes my life. I love all his other series like Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chases and the Trials of Apollo. You should really check them out ! ❤️

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    1. I’ve finished Heroes of Olympus and Trials of Apollo (Leo is still my favorite character!), but I’ve always wanted to read the Magnus Chases series after my brother, but THAT was when I found out about Harry Potter, and I was Fangirling. 😂

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