Daughter of the Pirate King

Daughter of the Pirate King

BooksInNeed, and this is one of the best (if not only) female pirate book I’ve ever finished.

Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller 

Daughter of the Pirate King is one of the best pirate books I’ve ever finished. Partly for the fact that it had a female protagonist, because in all of the famous fiction books are more of a male hero because of all the fighting, and that girls aren’t that keen on fighting (which is sort of rude, because I’m always fighting with the keyboard for inspiration. Yes, that was a joke), and in the time period that this book takes place in, ladies are supposed to be proper, and be princesses (something I can’t even imagine to be) while others go about on pirate ships. Alosa, also known as the daughter of the Pirate King, is supposed to be that princess that people look up to, and that she was supposed to inherit the throne of her father, the Pirate King himself. Getting raised as a actual princess was a thing that people can only dream about. No, while I was off reading Cinderella, this story was getting some torture when Alosa’s father prepared her for what is out there. Now Cinderella seems like a fairy tale

Image result for cinderella fairy tale gif

(that was another joke) that has every happily ever after that seems inevitable, except that it is. When Alosa becomes a pirate like her father, she feels free for the first time in her life. Only that she does her father’s bidding. Alosa doesn’t mind though. Being out at sea was her home, because she was not exactly fully human (trying not to spoil the book), and had unearthly powers a man can only dream of. When her mission is to uncover a third of the map that is part of a huge treasure, with only one third of it, and lets herself get captured by the pirates that have the map, she has to kill two of the men before she gets her terms that they soon after negotiate. Once on the ship, she gets thrown into the brig, but all her things get moved with her. Now on her mission, she searches for the map, and finds feelings for the first mate, Raiden, instead. Not knowing what she is feeling, she falls hard for Raiden, but still is all on her mission. Will she choose the love of her life, or her duty as the Daughter of the Pirate King? Only remember, people are not who they seem to be…

Well, of course I’m going to react violently, but should he expect it already?

-Daughter of the Pirate King, Tricia Levenseller

Thank you, Tricia Levenseller, for this novel that shows that girls can do stuff also!

I sill think that this book is good because of the light it shines on the female character. Alosa is witty, and doesn’t hesitate to kill somebody, which Dorothy Must Die (that is an amazing book by the way), where the main character underestimates herself, she has confidence that she could do anything. I also realize that I’m probably boring everybody who is reading this also, but I’m that tired. I could literally fall asleep right now, and sleep for a good few hours.


8 thoughts on “Daughter of the Pirate King

  1. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed this book! I need to read more Pirate books ahah, I can’t recall having read so many of these kind of books but htey sound really awesome 🙂

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    1. Wow, really? I don’t remember any pirate books that I’ve ever finished (that’s what I get for reading so much, horrible memory) except for when I used to read those Magic Tree House books. Now, they make NO sense to me, traveling back in time because of a magic tree House.


      1. Same! I remember joking about it and saying that someday a person was going to get inspired by this book and buy a house of books, which I REALLY want to see now that I think about it.


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