BooksInNeed, and this book was one of the best sci-fi/murder books I’ve ever finished.

Nemesis by Brendan Reichs

I realize that I’m always writing books that are my favorites, and that’s because the percentage of books I read are mostly romance or fiction. I think the term ‘addicted’ is a slight understatement in this case. Min Wilder always knew her life was bad, but at the age of eight it was worse than that. On every even year birthday, she died. Every few hours later, she came back to life. On her sixteenth birthday, she had enough. Wanting to finally solve the mystery of what is actually going in with her, she looks into the case, and finds everything she had been told is a lie. Now with a conspiracy that holds the fate of the world, sixty-four students in Min’s sophomore class are the base of it. Including Noah, who has the same birthday as Min. When the two come together to solve the mystery, they both realize that they are both almost the same. Like how when Min dies every even year, Noah dies every odd one. Except that Noah’s murderer stopped a few years ago, but he is still plagued with nightmares of death and destruction. The only thing that Noah cares about now is living after all the death that he’s been through. When he works with Min to uncover the secrets of their town, Fire Lake, he realizes that there are more secrets to the town, and themselves. So when they discover that a asteroid called ‘The Anvil’ is coming straight to Earth, and they are part of something called Project Nemesis which that their parents gave them up for saving Earth. Mystery unravels, and the closer Min and Noah get the more they fall for each other, but there is no time for romance when the Earth is ending. Isn’t there? Or is everything just another set of numbers, an unsolvable equation with an answer…

“This time, I was going to fight for what I believed in, no matter what the consequences. I was going to do something. I just didn’t have any idea what.”

-Brendan Reichs, Nemesis

Thank you, Brendan Reichs, for this amazing novel that had me actually understanding the science of it (for once, I’m not that bad at science) and having that twist at the end and has me on the edge of my chair for the sequel to come out.

Yeah, I’m not the first person to come to if you have something science in it (that is a HUGE understatement), but I could understand it, and this book had me on the edge of my seat when I was on one part which was all about science (yay) and it blew my mind when I was re-reading it. When I was telling my brother about it he literally said,”

Image result for harry potter brain explosion gif

“. We both are Harry Potter fans, and we make fun of each other all the time, so I was like, ”

Image result for harry potter that's rubbish gif

“. Its all because we are both really competitive and we read Harry Potter way too much , and I actually don’t know how many times I’ve finished the series, except that its either a number with two or three digits. I call it ‘addicted’ and he says ‘its a good book’ (its addicted) , but we’re like, fraternal twins sort of. Kind of?





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