Let the Sky Fall

Let the sky fall

BooksInNeed, and this book was by my favorite author, and is one of the best books I’ve ever finished.

Let the Sky Fall by Shannon Messenger

I just realized that I’ve actually said that a lot of books are one of my favorites, but I can’t help it, they all are (smiles sheepishly). Shannon Messenger is also my absolute hero. She is the author of the best series that I’ve ever finished, Keeper of the Lost Cities, and I could recite exact lines of the book because I’ve finished it that many times, and what are you doing reading this?!? Go get a copy now! Kidding, you need to read this review, and you should visit the review I did on Keeper of the Lost Cities (my first one!) also. Let the sky Fall is about how a Vane lost his parents in a tornado that had suddenly tore through where he lived, and now present day Vane is called a ‘miracle child’ for surviving it. Only that he misses them every day. Now his adoptive parents are taking car of him, and life is somewhat normal. Except that every time he goes on a date, it ends up with one of them going home because of an incident that happens. The thing that bothers him the most from his childhood is the girl he saw that day, when his parents died. He was falling for the dream girl that probably didn’t exist. Only that she did. Audra was a sylph, or a wind walker, and she could (obviously) control the wind. When an incident forces her out of hiding, she has to train Vane to be the person he was destined to be. Which is really complicated, so long story long, She was known as a Sylph, or a wind walker, and she tell him that he and his parents were Sylphs also. Funnily enough, its Northerly, Southerly, Easterly, and Westerly (its amazing, I know). When a powerful Sylph named Raiden wanted to rule both Sylphs and humans the same, he started breaking the wind, making them horrible, but more powerful than ever. That’s when the Sylphs stood up, and made a group called the Gales,  the organization that Audra and her parents were in. Working together, they all were taught the languages, except for westerly. They kept to themselves when they saw what was happening, because the Westerly and their language was peaceful. Audra and her parents were assigned to Vane’s parents to try to get them to teach their language, but they didn’t budge. That’s when Audra was trying to save her pet, Gavin, because he fell out of his nest, she sent their exact location to Raiden, and a few days later her dad and Vane’s parents were dead. Only Vane didn’t know that it was her fault. When all of it was over, Audra’s mother erased most of Vane’s memory so he couldn’t know about them, and Audra was placed as his guardian. Suddenly, she’s forced to reveal herself to Vane, and gets weakened by the water he gives her. Will he be ready for the huge responsibility set on his shoulders? Or will his forbidden romance with Audra hold him back?

Thank you, Shannon Messenger, for this amazing book that is almost as good as Keeper of the Lost Cities, only that it didn’t have Keefe in it, but was still an AMAZING book that had me from start to end.


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