The Prophecy of the Stones

The Prophecy of the Stones

BooksInNeed, and this book is one of my favorites in my childhood before Harry Potter.

The Prophecy of the Stones by Flavia Bujor

The Prophecy of the Stones was my ‘life ring in the sea of despair’ when I was reading it apparently. I actually wrote that in a journal that I just re-read yesterday (I think?), and it was cool seeing how my younger self thought and saw things (curse my horrible memory, I think my younger self knew what to do) and redo it again to see how it is. Apparently, all I did was read. Literally, all I wrote about was ‘That book was so cool!’ or ‘Is this even a book?!?’, I actually used to think I was funny! That’s hilarious. Anyways, when I finished this book again (a few minutes ago), it nearly had me in tears. Now I know why this book was so good. On goodreads, its rated a 3.5/5.0, and I am changing that to a 21.0/5.0 on my rating system (I just made one, thank you) for the whole thing. Yeah, it’s that good. An absolute Need To Read (ha-ha, get it, Need to Read) and yeah, its a children’s book, but we’re all kids at one point, right? The Prophecy of the Stones is about three people: Jade ,Opal, and Amber. On midnight on their fourteenth birthdays, they are all given a velvet purse, and they learn secrets about themselves that can put their world in danger. Like how they are all three fated enemies, chosen to fulfill a prophecy, or known as the prophecy. When the three meet under a tree in the forever flowering meadow and open the velvet purses, they are surprised to find three stones, all simmering with power. Well surprising for all of them but Opal because she opened the purse before midnight, and suffered a grave consequence for it. When they see a symbol in their minds from the power when holding the stones, they seek out a person Amber knows for guidance, and they set off to see her son to stop the new common enemy, the Council of Twelve. When they see him, they find out that they now need to go to Fairy tale (that’s a place, and I used to think that was where I was going to live one day, so when I was reading my notebook again I was dying of laughter) where they need to find Oonagh ,a fairy (‘wow’ is all I said to that) and hope that they could stop the Council of Twelve before its too late. Meanwhile, in our world, a girl named Joa is fighting for everything in a hospital bed in Paris, visiting the three girls and the magical world in her dreams while they are fighting their battle, and she was fighting hers. In another perspective, another part of the prophecy becomes clear, and a person who calls himself ‘The Nameless One’ fights for his life with only a casket with him, when he meets a friend, and they both realize that he is more important than he seems. With romance in the air, and the three enemies growing to friends and getting ready to face the epic battle, will all be lost? Or will hope reign, and they will get their happily ever after in this Fairytale land that they believe in?

“From the shadows will come the Chosen One

To unify the Realm

And lead it into the light

As a King who must not reign,

Crowned in the name of the Gift.

Three stones, three young girls:

One will discover the gift.

One will recognize the King.

One will convince the two others to die.

Of three stones only one fate will remain.”   

Thank you, Flavia Bujor, for this book that made me discover that there is hope inside all of us, we just have to believe in it for ourselves.



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