BooksInNeed, with a book that had me

Talon by Julie Kagawa

Ok, if you haven’t finished The Immortal Rules (also by Julie Kagawa) yet, you absolutely need to. Especially for all those Twilight fans out there (not me), that’s a vampire story that will have you saying that Twilight is old. That’s not what this book is about though (sadly, I actually just finished he last book in the trilogy, The Forever Song, which needs a award for the amazing-ness of it), but its about dragons. No, not like the dragon in Harry Potter (though that would be cool), but more like shape shifters which are dragons. When Ember Hill and her almost twin, Dante,  get a vacation to the human world from the dragon organization Talon, she sees a perfect summer filled with human activities, and no training or being pushed around by Talon. Only to realize that she was expected to be trained in the summer that was the only thing that came close to normal in her life. Nothing was going to be though. When St. George (an organization against Talon) sets their sights on Ember, they sent ‘the perfect soldier’, aka soldier Garret Xavier Sebastian to go, find, and kill. Only when Garret sees Ember, he doesn’t see a dragon. When they both grow closer, Ember meets Riley, a rouge who wants her to turn against Talon for all their unfairness and cruelty. With a summer of choices ahead of her, she needs to choose quickly, before Garret could take his orders first. Or will he?

Alone we fall. As one we rise.

-Julie Kagawa, Talon

Thank you, Julie Kagawa, for this novel that was one of the few dragon books I’ve finished, and was one of the best also.

Still, if you haven’t yet finished The Immortal Rules, you absolutely need to. It’s still the best vampire book I’ve ever finished, with a Divergent ending, and a Percy Jackson beginning.


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