Ninja Girl

Ninja Girl

BooksInNeed, and this book reminded me how much of a comedian I was a long time ago, and that you can never underestimate anything.

Ninja Girl by Cookie O’Gorman

Yeah, I was a sort-of clown when I last finished this book, all because of the commentary. I first finished this book on my Kindle fire, and so naturally, I took notes. No, not the ‘that’s an important detail’ notes but the, ‘I feel like I’m going to puke’ notes that had me laughing so hard. I think tears were streaming down my face from a few of them that said ‘Wow’ or ‘That’s nice, I think I’m going to be sick. Wow’. Snow-Soon Lee was trained in being a ninja. Literally, she was a ninja ,and she referred to herself as too much of a boy because of the fact that she is one. When she goes to the movies with her friend, she sees a guy in a hoodie and realizes that she had the chance to prove she is a girl to everybody. After kissing him (Ok, who does that? Isn’t there a law against aggravated assault?) and escaping, days later she can’t get the kiss out of her mind. Same said to the guy she kisses, Ash Stryker who had security on him because of the death threats his father was getting running for election, but they let a girl kiss him and get away with it. Only once he sees her again, she won’t escape from him (his (creepy) words). When he’s at school, her team does a presentation on self defense, and he officially meets her and even visits her at The Academy, the place they teach self defense only to get shot down from her Mom(‘That is AMAZING! She just, like, embarrassed him that fast.’), where Snow learns her best friend is engaged with her other best friend, and then (coincidence?) they both go to  the same teen friendly club, where Snow saves Ash from two drunk men in the alleyway (and yes, its Snow and Ash) with Ash only escaping with a slight injury from a bottle hitting him in the face. Smooth. Soon after, when Ash’s mom hears about this, she takes Ash to The Academy and hires Snow as Ash’s bodyguard when he’s at his exclusive private school. Agreeing that the money would be good for the Academy, she accepts, but Ash now faces the problem that if she is his bodyguard, he won’t be able to kiss her again (gags), and he would do anything to make that happen again.

Thank you, Cookie O’Gorman, for this amazing  book, that had me dying of laughter at the end, and sweet romance that had me silent at some points (probably because it was that funny) and had me wanting more at the end.


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