Of Poseidon

Of Poseidon

BooksInNeed, with a book that could be the twin of Starcrossed, but is a little more on the sea side.

Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

I actually just finished Of Poseidon a few hours ago, and it was amazing, like a really good version of Percy Jackson (die hard fans of Percy Jackson need to read this).

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Emma always thought that she was normal, getting through high school with her BFF, Chloe, and they go to Florida over the weekend to get more time together before moving to collage, and on the beach,  Emma bumps into (literally) a total stranger who has violet eyes, just like her. He introduces himself as Galen, but what they don’t know is that Galen was the prince of Syrena, where people have gifts that he was set out to find looking for a girl who had a rare gift, one to talk to animals, he was positive that he found her, Emma, but in a world of humans, which he hates. Its also hilarious when you see how they react to everything human. Anyways, when they go separate ways, Emma and Chloe go for a swim where a shark bites and kills Chloe then Emma tells it to leave them alone, and it actually listens to her. Now its like Harry Potter, in the first book, when he talks in parseltongue to the snake at the zoo for Dudley’s birthday.

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When Galen realizes that she is the girl he was looking for, he follows her to Jersey with his assistant acting as his mother and rude sister, Rayna, staying to get away from her mate, Toraf, who is the best tracker in Syrena and her best friend since birth. With the help of his assistant, Galen gets the same schedule as Emma and tries to tell her what she is, and for a second it worked, until she was yelling at him to stay away from her. Then runs into double doors, and passes out. Genius, right? Even when she knew that something embarrassing was going to happen. when he sees her next, he realizes that she didn’t remember anything that they said to each other, but that it was important. Seeing his chance to explain, Galen lies and tells her that she was making plans to go to his house (shack) to ‘know the secret of what she is’. With no proof that he was lying, she complies, but passes out before she even makes it inside the house. Wow. Where they tell the truth of who they are, and who she is, but they think that is a Syrena, when she is something more dangerous. Being an Half-Breed, she calls herself a freak in the human world, and an abomination in the Syrena realm. In Syrena, Half-Breeds are to be put to death. Yeah, good thing they don’t know that in the first book. Will she stay safe from all the danger that she poses against Syrena? Or will a certain person save her from the fate…

Thank You, Anna Banks, for this novel that had me wanting to re-read Percy Jackson again (not kidding) for the millionth time again.

Yeah, when I say I’m a Percy Jackson fan, I mean that its one of my third favorite series, in a tie with first Keeper of the Lost Cities,  with Harry Potter as a second, and ( like I said earlier) the third is Percy Jackson , both series.


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