BooksInNeed, and this a book that had me wondering about a magical bridge when I last finished it.

Doon by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

I forgot about this book, until a few hours ago because of a… song. Yeah, I listen to music and read. No, I don’t have to, it actually helps me focus on the book. So when I heard the song again, my (horrible) memory had actually worked for a second, and now here I am, writing this. Veronica Welling has had enough. Enough of the men her mom is always dating, and the fact that her boyfriend was cheating on her. That’s when she sees the strange blond boy who seems to be everywhere she goes, even in her dreams. Except that he isn’t real. So when she goes with Makenna to an amazing summer in Scotland to , Vee sees the perfect way to get away with everything happening in her now upside down life. What they don’t expect is finding a path of clues (go Sherlock! Scooby-doo, where are you?) left by Kenna’s aunt, they find a book by the witches of a place called Doon, and two rings, one for each of them, they open a portal, and are now transported to the magical world of Doon. The two girls have different perspectives. Like how Vee thinks that this is a fairytale, and to top it, the mysterious blonde boy, now known as  Jamie MacCrae, is a prince of Doon with his brother Duncan. Only that Jamie hates Veronica the second he lays eyes on her. While Makenna has a different view of this, the opposite. With the other prince, Duncan, falling for her, she keeps her feelings buried under her acting because a relationship would keep her tied to the magical world of Doon and she wouldn’t get her future in Broadway, and with acting as her life, she knew she would have to sacrifice one. With their love lives all tied up, there is a bigger threat to the kingdom. In one word: witches. No, not like Harry Potter witches with the wands, but with true sorcery

Image result for harry potter magic gif

Not today, Potter! With danger nearing, can all of them fix their love lives and still save Doon? Or will they really be cursed to be apart?

In you eyes, I see hope. Hope for a better future, for the home that many of you have never had. If we each hold tight to that hope, there is no darkness strong enough to defeat it.

-Doon, Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon

Thank you, Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon for this novel that clashed with Harry Potter, and is a fairytale worth remembering.

I have to admit, the part with witches in it was hilarious for me because as a Bellatrix fan.. well it sort of sounds like her.

Image result for bellatrix kills sirius gif

The song that actually reminded me of this book is actually called Goodbye Sleepwalker by Goblin Mixes. Thanks to you guys also!


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