Three Hearts of Hope


So, today I’m doing a book review/story review and for a friend, thank you PatBunny 

Three Hearts of Hope by PatBunny

I understand that I need to do a review, but Three Hearts of Hope is a story that is made up by a friend, so you probably couldn’t find this anywhere else, so get ready for a new amazing, and funny, story!

Three Hearts of Hope

The seagulls circled above their heads, as the boys walked along the water’s edge. The sun had faded into a faint orange glow. Setting eyes on the beach houses, all three creep low.

“Soham, please remember to disconnect the alarm from the outside. Aadithya, give me a hand. We just need food, bedsheets, and scissors. Let’s try to keep quiet,” Nehru whispers.

Making eye contact, they hurry closer.

“This beach house has a window open. Soham, get to work,” Nehru beckons Aadithya as Nehru rounds the house.

You can hear wires being torn. Nehru climbs on Aadithya’s shoulders, and pulls himself up through the window. A few minutes later, a bag is thrown, and Aadithya catches it.

“Woah! Two loaves of bread, a stick of butter, six apples, six oranges, a pair of scissors, a knife, and tons of bedsheets…” Aadithya exclaims.

“Look at the bottom, boys!” Nehru calls out as he jumps.

“Pieces of chocolate! Swirled candy pops!” Soham cries outs.


Carrying the loot, the boys run back to the sands, this time in the direction of the jutting cliffs.


I also am doing a review, so I loved this story because I might know some of the characters… but PatBunny created it so they are orphans (they’re not), and survive only because they are thieves (take that guys!) and because of the food they steal (I knew it all along! It is true!) and they live on the cliffs which are really dangerous, and at first I thought it was because they were going to jump off the cliff, until PatBunny told me they lived there (sighs sadly, I would have loved to see Soham and Stick fall off a cliff ). Like this post if you want PatBunny to continue this (amazing) story.

Thank you PatBunny for this story that made me see the people in this story differently (I knew he was a thief) and almost made me hate Stick and Soham a little less (key word, almost).

Another shout out to PatBunny for being an amazing bookworm friend, and half- sister.

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-BooksInNeed and PatBunny

(Stick is my brother’s nickname and Soham is his BFF, if you were wondering)


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