Nightfall (TBR)


BooksInNeed, with a book I forgot about, until I took a walk down memory lane.

Nightfall by Shannon Messenger

Ok, I had totally forgotten about this book, until I found something that reminded me of the first book, Keeper of the Lost Cities. I’m not lying when I say


I was literally in love with it when I first finished it in 3rd grade. I still love the whole series, and Shannon Messenger is my absolute HERO. Not kidding. So, Nightfall hasn’t come out yet (sadly), so I’m doing a recap of the first book.

Sophie Foster has never fit in. Being in high school at the age of 12 (wow) and the smartest in her class, she never seemed to be normal. To everybody else, she was ‘super freak’, but to her it was true. After a accident that had her in a hospital, Sophie started hearing people’s thoughts. A mind reader. Telepath. On a school field trip one day, Sophie sees a boy, who says he is Fitz, and that he could her thoughts also. That he had been looking for her for 12 years. When he takes her to another world, she realizes that she is not a freak, and that there were more people who had special powers. Elves. Sort of like the pointy ears, but that’s only after a millennia or two. No, elves are like humans, except they all have different extraordinary powers. Elves are not immortal, but they can’t die of age, and that they are hidden from humans. They stopped having contact after a war almost started between them. Now, they live in places humans can’t go to by traveling with things called pathfinders, or the ever famous leap master. Or they stay in places that humans know about, but still can’t go to. Like Atlantis.  The lost city Atlantis. When Sophie sees that now she has to go the lost cities, Fitz’s father, Alden, tells Sophie that she needs to be cut off from her family. Not agreeing to this, Sophie says to relocate them so they would forget about her also. Alden agrees, and lets the council (the rulers of the lost cities) know about the new arrangements. Sophie gets accepted into Foxfire, the best school in the whole elven history, and was adopted by her two guardians, Edaline and Grady, who lost a daughter in a fire. When Sophie sees what is actually going on in the elven world, she realizes that there is more to it then the Chancellors are willing to let on. With the existence of rebels, the Black Swan, loose, Sophie starts getting notes, and finds out that she was there for a reason, and she would do it no matter what.

Team Foster-Keefe will always be better.

-Shannon Messenger, Keeper of the Lost Cities

Thank you, Shannon Messenger for this amazing novel that beat Harry Potter on the first page (no offense to all Harry Potter fans) and is my favorite book and book series still.

I admit, Keefe is still my favorite character in the whole series, and I am not a Wonder Boy fan.


I also want to thank Stick for being a good brother when it comes to books, (not so much for anything else though) and is a bigger Keefe fan than I am.



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