BooksInNeed, with a book that (has a confusing name) made me see that sometimes talking (texting) to strangers might be a good thing (no, it didn’t, but still).

Textrovert by Lindsey Summers

Kaylee has had all of her life on her phone. Seriously, she uses her phone more than I do, which is an accomplishment, seeming that I’m never off my phone. Kaylee’s parents tell her that she is not getting another phone after she loses or breaks four in a record of six-months. So when her twin brother Zach ,a famous high school football player, goes to a party while she goes to a fair with her best friend Nicky and loses her phone, and then supposedly finds it again. Only to find out that she got a ‘egoistical’ ( her words, not mine) football player’s phone mixed up with hers. Talon is exactly what she expects him to be: cocky, arrogant, and egoistical. With ( what I thought was blackmailing) a deal between them, they agree to swap texts until Talon comes back from a football camp that he is going to and they swap phones. With a long week ahead of her, Kaylee braces for a horrible week… but it actually turns out funny with Talons consistent flirting (gags), and she realizes that there is more to the tough football player than she knew. Except Zach wants her to go the same collage that he’s going to, and that she should take a tour, and judging by her outburst, she learns that Talon was rubbing off on her in more ways than one. With a week coming to a short end, they agree to meet each other, and once they do he storms off when he realizes that she is Zach’s twin. After apologizing, and promising that he would explain later, he goes wither to the tour of the school, and she has no choice but to take him also… and learns that he is JT. Her brothers biggest rival. The most important detail to her though, is that he lied to her. Will Kaylee get back the boy who stole her heart? Or was his secrets enough to keep her away?

Textrovert (n.)

A person who is expressive and funny in texts but shy in person

Thank you, Lindsey Summers for this novel that had me questioning how far revenge would go.

The thing that surprised me the most in this book, is the time they’re awake at. Literally, most of the time its 2 a.m. at something.

For me its looks something like:

Image result for textrovert book quotes


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