This Is Our Story

This Is Our Story

This is BooksInNeed, with one of the (hands down) best mystery/murder books I’ve ever seen, and its sort of disgusting at some parts, I admit, but the storyline was worth it.

This Is Our Story by Ashley Elston

I’m not lying when I say this book had me up all night. Literally. I was up at almost 1 a.m. reading this, and I am not a fan of the a.m. I could literally sleep for days and still be tired. Anyways.  The book This Is Our Story is about a group of 5 boys, called the River Point boys, and how in a unfortunate accident one of them dies. The beginning is in the killer’s perspective, and you don’t know their name until the end of the book, and I’m not spoiling it. While on a hunting trip with the other River Point Boys after a rouge party the night before, Grant was killed by his own gun, a Remington. The one all of the River Point boys tried out that morning, with all of the five boys’ prints on them. The killer takes charge, telling the three other boys through their grief what they needed to do… what their story was. The beginning was brilliant by the way, ‘This is our story…” it had  me interested by those just those four words.

Kate Marino’s life was not perfect, but she survived a day at a time. even with Grant’s death, the person she was texting and thought she was falling for until she sees him making out with another girl, affects her but she still went on. With her senior year internship at the District Attorney’s Office is looking dim, until the DA hands her boss, Mr. Stone, the biggest case there is right now. The River Point boys. Grant’s murder. The DA wants all of it gone, and I’ll use a phrase my brother does ‘Sweep it under the rug, its probably fine’, he’s hilarious, but sometimes I just want to rip his head out. That reminds me, I’m still doing a review on a mystery/murder book. Going against the DA, Kate is determined to find out how Grant was killed, and the clues point right at the River Point boys. When they move to Kate’s school, after being thrown out the expensive private school they were all enrolled in, and they all Kate was focused on now, what really happened that day? Kate was a amazing photographer and was good at reading actions, and emotions. With her internship, she looks through questioning that the all the suspects went through, and tries to solve the mystery of the River Point boys. All the clues seem to lead up to the party that happened the night before the hunting trip. With everything spinning around her, she learns one that tore her world apart. The person she was texting was not Grant. It was one of the other River Point boys. Can Kate really solve the mystery of the murder before its too late? Or will she have too see another murder?

This was my story…

This is Our Story by Ashley Elston

Thank you Ashley Elston for this mystery that had me sitting up in the suspense of who did it.



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