Crimson Bound

Crimson Bound

BooksInNeed, and here is a book (I almost forgot about) that is a mix of Little Red Riding Hood and The Girl With No Hands (which I actually haven’t heard of before I read this).

Crimson Bound Rosamund Hodge

To be honest, I had to read the beginning twice before I got the whole story. Not kidding. There’s a prologue, and it still is one of the most confusing books I have seen. In the world Rachelle lives in, there is a monster called the Devourer. No, not like that huge snake in Ninjago, but the Devourer in this book is better.

At the age of twelve, Rachelle was chosen to be the next woodwife by her grandmother. What is a woodwife? The purpose of a woodwife is to weave charms that protect their village like the first woodwife, Zisa, did to protect anyone from the Great Forest, when she and her brother, Tyr, killed the Devourer, the god of the forestborn. Forestborn are created to serve the Devourer and if a forestborn marks a human then the human would have to kill somebody in three days or die, and if they do they become a bloodbound, which is a person with the power of the Forest and once they finally give up their human heart, they turn into a forestborn. The Devourer had the sun and moon in his stomach until Zisa and Tyr stole them and put them in the sky, for once he had held all of the world in darkness and mankind was held by the forestborn, who hunted and used them. As the story tells, Zisa dies and Tyr becomes the king, but the story Rachelle’s grandmother tells her is that Tyr and Zisa only bound the Devourer, and that one day he will awaken and swallow the Sun and Moon once again. Of all the charms Rachelle learnt, there was no charm for keeping the Devourer bound to not swallow the Sun and Moon and the darkness that would come with it. One day, while walking through the woods, she hears a voice behind her. A forestborn. They talk and become friends until one day the forestborn lures her off the path making her a deal that if she does he will tell her how to kill the Devourer, and marks her and she has to kill somebody in three days, or she will die she asks him to honor his side of the deal, and he tells her the only way to destroy the devourer is to use the two lost swords of Tyr and Zisa. She hides it for the first two days, but on the third day she runs to her grandmother’s house for help… only to find out that the forestborn was already there and forces her to kill her grandmother. While doing that, her grandmother shoves a pin in her wrist, and Rachelle kills her and turns into a bloodbound. Now, three years later, Rachelle is part of the Kings bloodbound, with her mentor Erec D’Anjou when she sees the forest again, and the forestborn who changed her says that the Devourer is rising that soon. Too soon. Then she gets offered a place to guard the Kings son, Armand, the saint that supposedly has survived a forestborn and was still marked, with no hands. With herself tied between Erec and Armand, could she save everything she loves, or will she not get her happily ever after, and be bound by the string on her finger forever?

In your life, your only choice is the path of needles or the path of pins.

Rosamund Hodge, Crimson Bound

Thank you, Rosamund Hodge for showing me that sometimes we cant run from the cloud of despair that cloaks us, so we just sturdy ourselves and endure it with the people we love by our side.

Ha. I’m remembering that once I had the help of a friend, and we did a retelling on Little Red Riding Hood, had called it ‘ Riding Hood vs. Wolf ‘ THAT was one of the best retellings I’ve heard, and I’m sure that PatBunny would agree.


– BooksInNeed

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