The Forbidden Wish

The Forbidden Wish

BooksInNeed, and here is a book that takes you past that flying carpet and Genie of the lamp that was in Aladdin, to another lamp with a way better story and more hilarious story line.

No offense, of course (No sarcasm).

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The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury

A retelling of Aladdin.

Zahra has been in a lamp for way too long. Not exaggerating. A few hundred years after she betrayed the wise Queen Roshana and went back to living in her lamp, a human finds and releases her by using a ring that he ‘found‘ and was whispering for him to go find the buried palace she was in and save her. Aladdin was a thief and was running from the prince that he had stolen the lamp from. As it turns out, Zahra was now the most hated (and powerful) jinni in the whole of the world she was tossed in. The Fair Betrayer, now. Aladdin and Zahra get attacked soon after she is free of the lamp by the one and only prince that Aladdin is running from. Prince Darian is determined to get the magic lamp from Aladdin for any cost. After taking an arrow for Zahra, Aladdin wishes to go home and Zahra bends space and time for them to get there. That is some wicked cool magic. Now in Parthenia, Aladdin and Zahra are now away from Darian and are on the outskirts of the city, and Aladdin is sleeping when a ghoul tells Zahra that the king of Jinn offers her a deal; if she frees the Jinn Prince, Zhian, then he grants her freedom. Zahra accepts, and doesn’t tell Aladdin about the deal, afraid that he will stop her. So Zahra enters the city with Aladdin and they go to the Rings, a place where outlaws rebel against the taxes and imprisonment of the royal courts, with their leader, the Phoenix. Aladdin is captured  while cornering a girl, and finds out that she is looking for answers from him. Revealing herself as the Phoenix and the Princess Caspida, who was to be married to Darian, Aladdin is not surprised that she wants the ring that he stole. Zahra saves Aladdin from the gang of girls before they find out about the lamp, but not before understanding that they are jinn charmers, who might have Zhian with them. With Aladdin falling for the Princess, he wishes to be a prince so he could steal the princess’ heart while Zahra could secretly go and find Zhian and get her freedom from the King of Jinn. The path is pretty clear, Aladdin wants the princess and she wants her freedom, but what they don’t expect is that they would fall for each other…

“I’ve worn it every day since, to remind myself that nothing –nothing– is worth betraying someone you love.

Aladdin- The Forbidden Wish, Jessica Khoury

Thank you, Jessica Khoury for this magical book that had me wishing for more by the end.

Sadly, I have no 3 wishes. I wonder if I did…

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– BooksInNeed




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