Harry’s not the chosen one?

harry potter

So, I’m assuming everybody who is reading this has finished the Harry Potter series, or you are here to listen to me go on about how Harry is NOT the chosen one. So, we all know the prophecy, but if you forgot…

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So, everybody could figure that this means that it is Harry that is the ‘Chosen one’ because he has the whole series named after him. Really, he is like ‘One mission. Kill Voldemort.’ which he did in the last book, but is he the chosen one though?

Okay, so the fifth book gives enough detail to know the prophecy, and that Voldemort chose Harry to be the one to kill him. There was one other person that could be the Chosen one, and he is… (dramatic pause) Neville Longbottom. So what the prophecy says is that ‘Born to those who have thrice defied him’. Because Harry’s parents are part of the Order of Phoenix, they fought against Voldemort and his supporters for enough time to defy him, so that could be Harry. ‘Born as the seventh month dies’ I think we all know that is June, and Harry’s birthday is June 31. ‘And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have a  power the Dark Lord knows not’ This is meant to be Harry, because J.K Rowling makes it pretty obvious that the power that Voldemort knows not is love, and how could he with that nose? Sorry, couldn’t help it. So Voldemort chose Harry to be marked as equal, but what Voldemort didn’t know is that Lilly Potter would throw herself in front of Harry and her love for him made him be the so-called ‘Chosen one’. Love is the power that his mother gave him. Onto Neville Longbottom. ‘Born to those who thrice defied him’ Neville’s parents were also part of the Order. ‘Born as the seventh month dies’ Neville was also born in June, but on the 30th, not the 31.  Finally, ‘And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have a  power the Dark Lord knows not’ this is where the choice Voldemort makes is what separates them. He marked Harry as his equal, but Neville is equally as marked for Voldemort torturing his parents, and should have as much of love for his parents as Harry did and is proven in the Order of the Phoenix also at St. Mungo’s when he was visiting his parents (and they met Lockhart, but he is irrelevant) and everything that happened to him at Hogwarts. Its the last line though, ‘The one with power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies’. The one with power to do it . So, Neville could have easily killed Voldemort also, but he stayed behind at Hogwarts to go and stand up for them and killed Nagini also. So actually, Harry is NOT the chosen one. Both Neville and Harry are. Yeah, confusing. Neville was the odd student at Hogwarts, but could have been as easily chosen to star in the Harry Potter series, now calling it the Neville Longbottom series. So, in conclusion, BOTH Neville and Harry are the ‘Chosen one’ or the chosen two. Ha.

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Thanks for reading this, but I’m giving all the credit to Film Theory, ‘Harry Potter ISN’T the Chosen One?’. Just retelling it in my own words. Sort of.

Is this an accurate blog post, because its a SORT OF book review. I think. ?


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