The Forgetting

The Forgretting

BooksInNeed (again), and this is a book you will NOT forget soon. In the next 12 years, sure, but still.

The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron

At first, when I finished this book, my brain was literally going to explode . Like, not kidding. the ending has that twist to it that makes you want to say ‘I knew it!’ when you don’t. Also that The Forgetting does NOT take place on Earth. No, there are actual living humans on another planet. At first I didn’t understand it, then it made sense that at some point in history we are going to go on another habitable planet near us (or in another galaxy far ,far away -STAR WARS). Back to the book. Nadia lives in Canaan, where your life is all history. Literally. Every 12 years, the forgetting happens and everybody in the city forgets the past 12 years or less they have been living. Canaan is surrounded by white stone walls, and nobody knew how they got there or what lies behind all of the ‘protection’ the walls give. Except for Nadia. She doesn’t get affected by the forgetting, but she has written down her life anyways. Using her memory and going outside the walls, she finds out there is more to her life than the routine the forgetting it has on it. That she had a life that was sort of different before the forgetting. Is she really immune to the forgetting? Anyway, she figures out she had feelings for Gray, the glassblower who captured her heart and both of them try to figure out what lies behind the walls of the Canaan, and try to figure out if you can escape the forgetting after all. Will Nadia and Gray find out the mystery f the forgetting and why there where surrounded by he walls that hold them prisoner, or will they run out of time and forget each other first?

The past is never really gone. It only lies in wait for you, remembered or forgotten.

I am made of my memories.

Sharon Cameron, The Forgetting

Thank you to Sharon Cameron for this hilarious sci-fi book that had me thinking hard and laughing the whole time.


Image result for the forgetting quotes

Just realizing what this reminds me of.




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