Across the Universe

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BooksInNeed, with a book that will take you out of this universe in a spaceship that is fueled by lies.

Across the Universe by Beth Revis

Earth was dying. Seventeen-year old Amy knew this, and went on Godspeed as one the human subjects ready for the new world. As she went into a frozen sleep, waiting for the planet 300 years later, she never knew what the stakes would be once she got there, or what would be in her way.

Elder was everything but ready to take his place as commander of Godspeed, but he was fine as second-in-command. Then he sees Amy. For a person who has never been on Earth before, he thought that she looked a lot like what the did with her bright red hair. On Godspeed, everybody looked the same. No difference to make fun of. This was daily life for Elder, study to be a commander while other people go through their semi- normal lives.

Amy is somehow unfrozen, and now is on Godspeed with no way to go back to her frozen sleep, starts noticing that somebody is unplugging the other frozen humans, and she might be the only one who can stop the murderer on the loose, and make them pay for leaving her without her family to be alive while she dies of age. With the help of Elder, she tries to find out if she could move away from her old boyfriend, and start new with him. With a budding romance, could Amy find the murderer, or will it be too late and she is killed also.

What does it take to survive on a spaceship fueled by lies?

Thank you, Beth Revis for this out of this world novel that showed my that there is always love in even the darkest places.

Wow, just wow. I totally forgot about this book until I saw in the book I’m reading right now that there is a person named Amy, and then book hit me all at once.

, BooksInNeed



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