Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy must dieBooksInNeed here, and for all you Wizard of Oz fans, here’s a tornado that will not be forgotten soon.

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige 

The Wizard of Oz ended with Dorothy going home, but did she really stay away her only home? In this book, on Dorothy’s next birthday, she got a pair of magical red high heels and three heel clicks later, Oz was there and now her parents also. When she finds out Glinda went missing, she goes to find her, when an unfortunate accident happens and it makes Dorothy kill her parents. Dorothy now has no more family and is forced into the ‘evil queen’ position with Glinda co-ruling by her side. That’s not the main story though.

Amy Gumm is a total outcast in her book. Pink hair, lives in a trailer park, has a horrible mother, life could be better. Way better. Then a tornado was heard to hit where Amy lived , so her mother went to a tornado party with Amy alone wishing she could have an actual home, when the tornado hits her also. Amy is sucked into the magical world of Oz and met the boy with green eyes. The most greenest eyes she ever saw anyway. He was the only person who gave answers, and what she got was that she was in Oz and that magic was real. Magic. He also said to go the palace, and she brought Star (her pet rat and only friend) with her and Amy starts off on the yellow brick road , hoping to find some answers that were useful, and go to the palace. She meets Indigo on the way who gives no help except swore a lot, but agreed to take her to the palace for answers to all of what she was in right now. Now moving down the road with Indigo also now, they passed a winged monkey, Ollie. Amy saves him from imprisonment, and now all three of them keep moving… until they get caught by the Tin man, and Ollie escapes, but Indigo was not so lucky. They took Amy to Dorothy under orders, but killed Indigo. Amy faced trial, and Dorothy was not the happiest person in the world when she found that another had arrived from Kansas. Amy was locked in a cell and visited by the boy with green eyes. His name was Pete, and he was a gardener at the palace. Suddenly, Amy escapes with the help of a witch named Mombi. Mombi takes Amy to a place where she and three other people introduce themselves as the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked. Glamora who is Glinda’s twin and the good witch of the South, Mombi who is the person who helped her escape from the Emerald Palace, Gert the good witch of the North, and the ever handsome Nox, who has no intention to know Amy.  The Order teaches Amy that good is bad, and they needed her to help stop it. Amy trains to be a witch with a budding romance between her and Nox, and goes out on her one mission.


In a world where Wicked is good could Amy survive, or will she turn out to be like Dorothy too?

Thank you, Danielle Paige for showing me that sometimes, there is a possibility that Wicked can be good, and that is not what determines who we are.

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6 thoughts on “Dorothy Must Die

  1. This book has been on my TBR at home for quite a while but I just haven’t found the time to read it yet! Reading this does makes me want to pick it up but I’m already reading multiple books at the same time. Derp. Haha.


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