The Shadow Queen

The shadow queenBooksInNeed with another life changing book, by C.J. Redwine this time.

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

This book was really confusing in the beginning, but you might know it as a retelling of Snow White. So we all know the beginning, her mother dies, the King gets remarried, the evil sister takes over the kingdom, but did you know there was magic?

So the queen dies, but not before giving birth to a baby boy. Leo is the brother of Lorelai ,who in this book is Snow White, and is her main support. Leo has nightmares every night as a baby and as a monarch, the king was forced to marry, so he did to the most powerful person who new magic. The new Queen Irina was nice to them at first, she took Leo’s nightmares away, stayed by the kings side and gave him the love he needed to move on, and taught the little princess Lorelai magic, but Irina wanted more. Using her magic, she made apples that had rotten on the inside and made them turn the whole kingdom into hers. Even the king was under her spell. The Queen only trusted Lorelai, because she was like a daughter to her, and wanted her to follow in her footsteps. Lorelai knew better and sought out help from the queens guard Gabriel and at the right time tried the destroy Irina’s magic. She failed and as a price to pay, her father had to die. Now Lorelai is surviving in the woods of ravenspire with the Queen’s gaurd and Leo when she meets the young king of Eldr who needs help because his kingdom is run with ogers and is going to Ravenspire​ to get help from the evil queen. Irina wants his help in return to get rid of Lorelai. Their rates cross in a epic journey of good v.s. evil and with a budding of romance on the way.

Will all end well?

Thank you, C.J Redwine for this spellbinding book that had me hooked from the start all the way to the end, and keeps me going for all of what Lorelai has been through and made me relise, we all have magic inside us.

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