Mark of the Dragonfly

mark of the dragonflyBooksInNeed here with one of the best fiction, sci-fi, mystery, action books EVER.

Mark of the Dragonfly by Jaleigh Johnson

I’m supposed to do one a week at the end of the summer, so I’m doing a lot of them right now. While thinking of what book to do, I remembered that my friend mentioned this book and how they thought it was really good because of the ending. I thought about it and here is my review for this book.

This book is one of those that have that really confusing beginnings, but becomes amazing and you can’t put it down. Piper has been fending for herself ever since her dad died and was working with machines and helping fixing them with something like a magic touch. Piper lives in a area where there is a meteor field and items randomly fall from the sky for everybody in that area to survive with, and then people trade items by moving to another areas to make more money off them. One day, when her friend goes missing in the middle of a meteor shower and she goes searching for him when she finds a girl in the middle of the wreckage. The girl is Anna and she has the mark of the dragonfly, which means she’s from the dragonfly territories, and under the protection of the king. The girls realize that they are being wanted by someone dangerous and set off on a train to the Territories, and Piper meets Gee, the boy with gorgeous green eyes and the train guard. They start out rough, but with differences settled, the three become best friends all against a common enemy. Something beautiful starts between Gee and Piper, while Anna finds out more about herself and starts to cling to Piper like a sister.

Then they all start to wonder… is it a coincidence, or fate?

Thanks to Jaleigh Johnson for this heart warming book about how people would do anything for the people they love, and that you could have hope in the darkest of times.

And an extended thanks to my BFF for the inspiration on this page and blog, and for all of you reading this and liking and following my blog, YOU are the best!

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, BooksInNeed

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