Keeper of the lost cities

Keeper of the Lost CitiesBooksInNeed here to review a book by one of the authors who changed my LIFE.

Keeper of the lost cities by Shannon Messenger

Like I said, one of my life changing books that I LOVE. The story is about how a teenage girl named Sophie Foster has special powers, and one day is found by a person who says that she is not alone, that there is more people with powers and they could teach her how to control them and he shows her a whole new world and that how your mind is stronger than your body. Sophie finds out that there is more happening in this world than more people know, and she could be the cause and the only way to stop the battle before it begins.

This book is for children, yes, but it holds a bigger meaning about how a 12 year old girl can figure out how her life is good by experiencing hope, love, and happiness and how she could get through the sadness, guilt, and pain to see how she could save her world and get through her life with it falling around her. Sophie faces more things that a person should in a lifetime, but just goes on living with everything moving too fast around her. Sophie Foster is one of the most the most inspiring people in my life, and gave me courage to see that if she could do this all calmly, we all can.

Thank you, Shannon Messenger for this AMAZING series and the beautiful sculptured book you have created for all of us fans out here.

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