My Story

This is BooksInNeed here and this is my story.

I’m blogging how reading is getting through everything and anything that happens in my life, or anybody’s life actually. Lots of things happen in a single day of your life. You can breakup with your girlfriend, or get married. You can bully somebody, or get bullied.

I read to get through the guilt that I won’t be able to do anything great or be anybody who does something that is important to the world, when a friend ( Best friend ) told me about her blog, so I started this one.

I can probably not do anything great, so I’m going to tell you about people who do great things in their lives. Authors. They write about hope and brilliance and guilt and sadness. I hope this can make a difference.

, BooksInNeed


5 thoughts on “My Story

      1. It’s been a year for me, a day for you….Just add a few pictures or backgrounds and it will look amaze! It takes time…


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