These are the people who helped me in this book apocalypse, getting huge shout-outs from me!

Thank you to:

Troy @ Knight of Angels

OMG, thank you to Troy who immediately commented on my post (though it said to make your own post, some people are just too nice to wait)  and suggested that I write my own book. YOU ARE ONE OF MY NEW BOOKWORM FRIENDS ALONG WITH PATBUNNY NOW!

Michelle @ Reading Minds

Thank you to Michelle for the suggestion of looking up other’s writing on a book I want to read so I could get over the craving of story! AND OMG I’M TOTALLY In ❤ WITH THE STORY SHE’S WRITING !!! You can find the link to her amazing story by clicking here and make sure you follow her! (Though she also didn’t do a blog post on, some people are trying to help me overcome this apocalypse! Another HUGE THANK YOU!)

Rhea @ Bookchanted Blog

Thank you to Rhea for suggesting games for the characters in a book and interviewing them! I am totally going to be a Rita Skeeter to all of my enemies (BANGS BOY)! And a  HUGE THANK YOU FOR HELPING WITH THE APOCALYPSE! And make sure to check out her blog, her book reviews have me wanting to WALK to the library and borrow somebody’s card so I can read those books!

Kathy @ Books & Munches

Another thank you to Kathy @ Books & Munches for suggesting to request unedited books on Net Galley so I can still read, but online! OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Shaz @ Shaz Reads

THANK YOU to Shaz for suggesting doing Goodreads trivia! And I can look up more books to put on my TBR and read when I hopefully get my library card back (it cant stay away from me forever!) soon! AND OMG THANKS SO MUCH!

perpetualfangirl @ Perpetual Fangirl

Thank you Perpetual Fangirl for suggesting Fanfic, Wattpad or AO3, and the movies of books! I need to get started on the Hunger Games movies, and The Fault In Our Stars is one of the books I LOVED! Fanfic is going to be new, and Wattpad and AO3, but I have a solution now! THANK YOU!!!!

shihtzusandbookreviews @ Shih Tzus & Book Reviews

A huge thank you to Shih for recommending book podcasts like Book Riot! I honestly haven’t heard of a book ban until now, and it sounds really interesting!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!